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We're Tiffany & Chris!
We're husband and wife wedding photographers based in St. Louis!

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It's really simple. We help you take beautiful pictures to cherish for generations to come.

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Best Friends & Teammates

We never planned on being photographers, but we love helping people take beautiful pictures and cherish their memories!

Our story began in 2014 when Chris messaged Tiffany and asked her, "If you could be any color M&M, what color would you be and why?" Although neither one of us can remember her answer (Chris remembers "red", while Tiffany remembers "white". Either way, the rest is history! 

Today we live in South County in St. Louis, Missouri with three daughters (a dog and two cats; fur babies 😂), full time jobs, and we're on the treadmill called life. But we also have a dream. We love shooting photography and growing our business. And we love doing it together as teammates.