A little about us...

Christopher Mark Schaefer

Tiffany Amber Schaefer

Hey there future Bride! We're Tiffany and Chris. Like many these days, we met online, but not in your typical fashion. We actually met via Facebook Messenger. (Thanks, Mark Zuckerburg?) For his first words, Chris popped the question, --wait, no, not that question, yet-- "If you could be any color M&M, what color would you be, and why?" Let's just say, the cheesy pick-up line worked, as you might have guessed. (Chuckles. Pats self on back.)

Now we are a little family of five living in St. Louis, including three fur babies. No kids yet, but that allows us to focus on building our photography business while working full time jobs -- Chris is a senior credit analyst in commercial banking and Tiffany manages two small business boutiques. On nights and weekends, we build our photography business, which requires a lot of late nights and coffee. Speaking of coffee...we'd love to get together over a cup of joe and hear your story!